Save up to 65%* on your water heating and CO2 emissions

The plug-and-play solution that learns what water temperatures you like and heats only as much water as you need. Save $300* and reduce carbon emissions equivalent to 10 fully grown trees – every year!

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*Estimates are based on electric heaters of 60 gallons in New York. Find out more

Intelligent Heating

The pocket-sized PowerX unit runs your water heater more efficiently. It connects to your existing home water heater in minutes and converts it into a smart device.

Save Money, Save Energy

Track your dollars saved in real time, then see it again on your heating bill. Our customers save an average of $300 per year.

Reduced Carbon Emissions

Installing a PowerX unit saves the equivalent greenhouse gases as 10 fully grown trees do every year.

Installed In Minutes. Risk Free To Your Heater

PowerX plugs right into electric and gas water heaters. Installation takes less than 10 minutes and does not require specialized knowledge, certifications or equipment. Our installation experts can help you with first-time setup, too.

PowerX not only keeps the safety features of your heater intact, it makes your heating system even safer than before by providing real-time monitoring from anywhere in the world including optional gas leak, smoke and water leak sensors

How it Works

Our mission

   Reduce energy consumption in every home with a water heater. That is more than 500 million heaters making up one fifth of humankind’s energy use.

   Optimizing every heater in the world can save over 100 million tons of CO2 every year. Taking climate action can start from the boiler room.

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