How it Works

PowerX is a plug-and-play solution that attaches to your water heater in minutes and converts it into a smart device. It works with 95% of electric heaters and about 80% of gas heaters.

Compatibility: In order to be compatible, gas heaters require a COM port or electric ignition control while electric heaters require a junction box covered by two covers. Find out whether your heater is compatible.

Installation: PowerX is non-invasive and installs in less than 10 minutes. For more information, see the Installation Guide for Electric Heaters or the Installation Guide for Gas Heaters.

How it Saves Energy

  PowerX heats more efficiently: PowerX has sensors for how much temperature and energy your heater uses, learns how much heated water you really need, and how much energy is wasted. E.g., when you are on vacation the PowerX algorithm will keep heating to a minimum – why have a tank of boiling hot water when you are out of the home?

How it Saves Money

  PowerX heats when energy prices are low: PowerX optimizes for varying energy prices. If you are in a State where energy prices change over the day, PowerX makes sure to heat when prices are low and reduces heating when energy prices are high (in Texas or New York, e.g., energy prices change every 15 minutes and can increase over 200% over the course of a day)

How it Balances the Grid

  PowerX helps stabilize the energy grid: The demand and supply of energy varies a lot over the day and a mismatch of demand and supply can be costly (e.g. too much demand for too little supply can cause a blackout). PowerX virtually combines heaters into a large “distributed thermal battery”. If there is surplus energy in the grid, PowerX forwards it to heaters, if there is risk of blackout, PowerX turns heaters off that still have enough heat in storage, helping to balance the grid. This is valuable to utility companies and PowerX aims to capture this value and forward it to users.