PowerX Water Sensor

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PowerX Water attaches to the main water pipe. It can identify and monitor most water outlets (e.g. showing how much different outlets use), detect water leaks, and give tailored saving tips.

  • Android and iOS app
  • Web Dashboard
  • PowerX Water and Ultrasound unit
  • Temperature sensors
  • Wall and Pipe Mount
  • Power cable


PowerX Water

  • Attaches to main water pipe
  • Monitors water flow and shows comprehensive data on dashboard (water, money and CO2 used, comparison to neighbors and best in class)
  • Tells apart water outlets that use water (e.g. shower, pool, faucet)
  • Gives tailored saving tips (e.g. use aerators for your faucets as your faucets use 90% more water than comparable families)
  • Automatic water leak detection in the entire home, sometimes with a rough indicator of where the leak may have happened
  • Set and get informed about goals
  • Checks piping quality
  • Works without electricity outlet (battery powered for up to 5 years) or USB powered
  • Can reduce premium paid to insurance companies
  • DIY, quick, near plug-and-play installation
  • Does not need a lubricant to couple ultrasound sensors with pipe (this is new!), simply attach to pipe and done. No maintenance as lubricant based water meters need
  • No technical parts in touch with the water body that can break
  • Works with all residential pipe sizes and pipe materials (this is revolutionary for ultrasound water meters)


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