Who We Are

PowerX is a team of individuals who believe that changing our world begins with a single action. Where do we spend most of our time, money, and energy? Our homes. We realized that finding a way to make this space that we all use every day more efficient could start a movement that could help save our planet. PowerX products have been carefully designed to maximize the efficiency of utility delivery and management for any homeowner or renter.

Our mission has been to combat climate change by making it as easy as possible for the average consumer to join the movement of protecting our environment through energy efficiency. We accomplished this by designing and building our PowerX Heat, Water, and Electricity units that can be fitted onto most existing water heaters, water pipes, and electrical panels. This suite of PowerX units constantly monitor utility data and provides you, the consumer, with intelligent modeling and recommendations through our easy-to-use app. Discover what appliances are costing you the most money, the best ways to limit your family’s carbon footprint, and intelligent water heater optimization with PowerX.

Many of us would love to do more to reduce our impact on the environment, but worry about the costs that might be associated with going green. PowerX meets the consumer where they are at by integrating with the appliances that are already in your home, making it cost effective to get started. In fact, our residential case study found that PowerX saved customers an average of 12% on their utilities, with savings of up to 40% recorded in relation to their water bill and water heating costs.

In addition to optimizing the energy consumption of single family homes, PowerX provides incredible opportunities for commercial businesses to partner with us to carry this mission further out into the world while leveraging huge opportunities to grow your business! Visit our partners page to learn how to partner with PowerX!